These hardy colorful guppy fish add excitement and brilliance to the passive community aquarium. Unique color strains have been developed through selective breeding programs. Guppies stay small, under 2-1/2 inches in length, and will add interest and color to the small community aquarium.

002 Guppy Black   003 Guppy Blonde Cobra   004 Guppy Red Blonde
005 Guppy Blonde Red Tuxedo   006 Guppy Flame (Micarif)   007 Guppy Golden
008 Guppy Golden Cobra
009 Guppy Green Cobra
010 Guppy Red Cobra
011 Guppy Blue Cobra
012 Guppy Leopard Tail
013 Guppy Neon Blue
016 Guppy Rainbow
017 Guppy Sunset
018 Guppy Dragon
020 Guppy Red Mossiac
021 Guppy Dwarf Red Flemingo
022 Guppy Golden Tuxedo
027 Guppy Red Neon
027 Guppy Siver Tuxedo
029 Guppy Blue Sissor Tail
032 Guppy Rushmi
035 Guppy Purple Queen
036 Guppy Sunray
038 Guppy Endler (WIC)
039 Guppy Red Terquis
040 Guppy Blue Terquis
041 Guppy Endler Sissor Tail-Dwarf
043 Guppy Pink Tail
044 Guppy Pingu (Bumble Bee)
047 Guppy Lazer
053 Guppy Bonivesta New
066 Guppy Fire Tail
067 Guppy Yellow Tuxedo
075 Guppy Blushing Red
077 Guppy Sunshine Lyre Tails
079 Guppy Moscow Green
080 Guppy Crown Tail
083 Guppy Golden Calico Lyre Tails
084 Guppy Female Yellow Tails
085 Guppy Female Red Tails
086 Guppy Female Blue Tails
Guppy Female Black
Guppy Female Variegated
Guppy Female Variegated
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