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Aquatic Plants

The Tropical Aquarium Plants shown in the picture are cultivated in Natural Peat & Rock Wool under strict supervision of trained nurserymen with years of experience.

Hence, no wild plants will be exported under any circumstance and there is no danger from any tropical spores or algae contamination our products.


The Plants illustrated in this picture represent few verities from Crypotocorines to Nymphea. These plants are nurtured under natural daylight tropical conditions.

They are cultivated in natural environmental conditions to ensure a rapid and luxuriant product to satisfy even the most fastidious buyer.


All varieties of plants species from Echonodorus Parviflours and Cut Aquatic Plants are carefully propagated under the care of dedicated Water Plant Nurserymen.

Special Attention is given to the conversion process of making plants suitable for Aquarium Conditions in tanks.


These plants are carefully cultivated in submerged conditions to suite for large scale commercial production and are exported both in minor & large quantities. All potted plants are grown in Green Houses under natural temperature conditions to suite any climate in the world.


These potted plants are well rooted in Natural Fibre Briquettes & Rock Wool, and the plants are of the highest quality. The rooting material is harmless to the environment as it combines with organic material in the tank.

Today, we export Cryptocorynes, Echonodorus, Aponogeton and Hygrophyla species in addition to mor than 75 varieties of well conditioned & rooted plotted plants and bunches planted in Natural Peat & Rock Wool.


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